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Anonymous said: Tell me if you agree. Why the HELL do people want Hilary Clinton as president? People say she's so great....what did she ever do?? What makes her so "great?" If people want her as president because they want the first female president, they should look and see how it turned out when they wanted the first African American president. Her and her husband have a terrible marriage, and they are all around bad people (they're liberals..duh) so why is she a figure that people should idolize??!




I really don’t know why. She has a lot of experience but that experience has yielded nothing but scandal… She’s accomplished nothing. Sadly it will turn into a pissing contest where people who support her will run out of good ideas why others should do the same… And they will resort to calling everybody who doesn’t support her, a sexist

May I just say that while you may not agree with every single decision she has made as Secretary of State, the fact that she and her husband have not had the best marriage should not affect how you choose to vote. Realize that more presidents than not have had affairs with other women and this one was only publicized due to the increased use of media. It does not affect her ability to lead.

Secondly, being a liberal does not make you a  bad person. I can assure you that you are friends with more liberals than you think. What if your liberal friends said, “So-and-so is a bad person because they’re a Republican.”? Varying economic and political ideals do not define the character of an individual. 

Additionally, 71% of the nation approved her appointment as Secretary of State in a national poll.  The full Senate’s vote to elect her to this position was 94-2.  

As for Hillary’s accomplishments, here are a few: increasing funding 9.5% for the international affairs department (aka spending money to solve problems diplomatically, not violently, thus saving the country money and lives), maintaining and improving positive relations with over 100 countries, made foreign policy relevant to the economy by helping U.S. companies with business overseas through diplomatic talks, strengthening ties, and employing sanctions with countries such as Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.  Additionally, what most who disagree with Clinton’s platforms fail to realize, is that Hillary Clinton was a strong proponent of NATO airstrikes in Libya and the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011.  

Instead of asking what she did that was so great anonymously, why not check out some credible sources such as BBC, NPR, and US News, then decide for yourself if you believe she is worth voting for.

Things that are irrelevant: national polls and senate votes. I also never outright said liberals are bad people.. I just think they don’t quite understand the world around them as well as others. Also, I could care less about their marriage… I didn’t even mention that. I’m talking about things like the Benghazi lies, her whitewater real estate dealings, her 1993 travel office scandal, how the mysteriously missing records of her clients from the rose law firm that were subpoenaed for years relating to whitewater were finally found hidden in a private section of the White House, and how the Clinton administration was levied nearly 300k in charges for covering up Hilary Clinton’s secret health care task force. Hilary Clinton is a self-serving tyrant of politics that has nothing to show for herself. She’s accomplished absolutely nothing… But I’m glad to hear that she was able to find ways to spend more money… That doesn’t surprise me at all. Hilary was even fired by a fellow democrat from the Nixon impeachment staff for lying, removing files from the committee office without permission, and saying that Nixon should not be allowed to have a lawyer at all. As the chief counsel to the house judiciary committee (and fellow democrat) said “my only regret was I had not reported her unethical practices to the appropriate bar associations. I could not recommend her for any subsequent position of public or private trust.” Hilary Clinton is not suited to be private attorney let alone a trusted member of public office. She’s a criminal